Criteria List of selected criteria Plants satisfying criteria
  Seedhead / Flower    panicle

  Vernation TypeClick to View Movie    folded

  Ligule Type    absent
    fringe of hairs

  Growth Season / Life Cycle    warm season turf
    cool season turf
    summer annual weed
    winter annual weed
    perennial weed

  Auricle Type    absent

  Leaf Blade Tip Shape    boat shaped

  Leaf Blade Width    narrow, less than 0.1 in
    medium, 0.1 - 0.2 in
    broad, greater than 0.2 in

  Stolon PresenceClick to View Movie    absent

  Rhizome PresenceClick to View Movie    absent

  Collar Type    continuous

  Sheath Margin    closed
    split with overlapping margins

  Sheath Type    flattened

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Figure 1: Grass Plant Identification Image