Common Name: garlic, wild
Species: Allium vineale L.
Bayer Code: ALLVI

Wild garlic is a perennial plant with an odor of garlic which develops from a basal bulb covered by a membranous coat. At maturity, the bulb is covered with small yellowish bulbs, flattened on one side, which readily split apart. Leaves are hollow and round. The greenish pink to purplish flowers are borne in clusters at the stem tip and are often mixed among small greenish aerial bulblets.
wild garlic
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wild garlic
wild garlic
wild garlic
wild garlic
Growth Season perennial weed 
Growth Habit upright 
Leaflet Number  upright leaves are slender, round, and hollow and resemble grass blades
Leaf Margin smooth 
Leaf Hairs none 
Leaf/Leaflet Shape linear/oblong 
Leaf Width <1/2 inch 
Leaf Venation parallel 
Leaf Arrangement   
Root Type bulbousfibrous roots are attached to the bottom of the bulb
Flower Color blue/purple OR pink