Common Name: mugwort
Species: Artemisia vulgaris L.
Bayer Code: ARTVU

Mugwort is a perennial weed with very distinctive alternate and dissected leaves. The upper leaf surface is bright green and smooth, while the lower leaf surface is light green in color and very hairy. The leaves resemble common chrysanthemums, and also emit an odor when crushed. Mugwort is commonly found in waste areas, flower beds and lawns. Its strong and persistent rhizomes mean that cultural and chemical control can be difficult.
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mugwort leaf, venation
mugwort leaf arrangement
mugwort leaves, back (L) and front (R)
Growth Season perennial weed 
Growth Habit prostrate, spreadingstems round in cross section and hairy
Leaflet Number one 
Leaf Margin lobeddeeply lobed, upper leaf surface dark green, underside of leaf white to gray
Leaf Hairs upper/lower surfacedense hairs on upper surface, smooth to slightly hairy bottom surface
Leaf/Leaflet Shape oval/egg-shaped/ellipticalelliptical
Leaf Width 1 - 2 inches OR greater than 2 inches 
Leaf Venation pinnate 
Leaf Arrangement alternate 
Root Type fibrous 
Flower Color  inconspicuous