Common Name: sedge, annual
Species: Cyperus compressus L.
Bayer Code: CYPCP

This species is one of the few sedge species that is a true annual. As a result, this sedge is easier to control than many other perennial sedges. Annual sedge has a very characteristic seedhead that tends to be relatively large compared to other sedges, and the seedhead is flattened with a toothed outline. Annual sedge tends to have a more "clumpy" appearance than other sedges particularly when it occurs in low densities. This sedge also tends to emerge later in the spring/summer than most other sedge species.
annual sedge
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annual sedge seedhead
annual sedge
annual (L) and globe (R) sedge seedheads
annual sedge
Growth Season summer annual weed 
Seed Arrangement on Spikes tightly bunchedseedhead clusters of flat green spikes on stalks
Seedhead Spikelet Shape flattened 
Tuber Type none