Common Name: sedge, globe
Species: Cyperus globulosus Aublet
Bayer Code: CYPGL

Globe sedge is a perennial weed of turf found in moist and sandy habitats. The seedhead is comprised of several spikelets. Each spikelet consists of a long stalk with a round cluster of seeds perched on the end. Cylindric sedge and globe sedge seedheads are very similar in appearance. However, globe sedge seedheads are round, whereas cylindric sedge seedheads are oblong.
globe sedge seedhead
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globe sedge seedhead
globe sedge seedhead
globe sedge seedhead
globe sedge
Growth Season perennial weed 
Seed Arrangement on Spikes tightly bunched 
Seedhead Spikelet Shape roundseedhead branches at the top of the stem, and the seeds are arranged in globe-shaped clusters
Tuber Type