Common Name: orchardgrass
Species: Dactylis glomerata L.
Bayer Code: DACGL

Orchardgrass is a common perennial weed of turf, and can be a contaminant in commercial tall fescue seed. The leaves are a characteristic blue-green color, and the seedhead is easy to distinguish from other grasses. In addition, there is a prominent midvein on the underside of the leaves, and the ligule is membranous.
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orchardgrass seedhead
orchardgrass seedhead
Seedhead / Flower paniclepanicle seedhead has stiff branches
Vernation Type foldedleaves folded in the bud
Ligule Type membranous0.12 - 0.4 inches (3 - 10 mm) long, collar-like, often with short needle-like projection at the top
Growth Season / Life Cycle perennial weed 
Auricle Type absent 
Leaf Blade Tip Shape sharp-pointedV-shaped in cross section at base, sharply creased below, deep furrow over midrib, edges rough; lower surface dull, not glossy
Leaf Blade Width broad, greater than 0.2 in0.24 - 0.47 inches (6 - 12 mm) wide
Stolon Presence absent 
Rhizome Presence absent 
Collar Type divideddistinct, not hairy
Sheath Margin openmostly open part way
Sheath Type flattenedsheath is smooth to somewhat rough; distinctly flattened