Common Name: dichondra
Species: Dichondra carolinensis Michx.
Bayer Code: DIORE

Dichondra is a perennial, spreading by slender creeping stems that root at the nodes. It forms mats not over 1½ to 3 inches tall. The kidney-shaped to nearly circular leaves grow alternate to each other, sometimes appearing whorled on the stems. The white to greenish small flowers are borne in clusters in the leaf axils below the level of the leaf. Dichondra is cultivated as a ground cover in some states.
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dichondra in turf
dichondra stolon
dichondra stem, kidney-shaped leaf and rooting nodes
Growth Season perennial weed 
Growth Habit prostrate, spreadingdichondra can creep over a large area, forming a dense mat of vegetation
Leaflet Number one 
Leaf Margin smooth 
Leaf Hairs none 
Leaf/Leaflet Shape heart/kidney/spadekidney-shaped to nearly round
Leaf Width <1/2 inch 
Leaf Venation palmate 
Leaf Arrangement alternate 
Root Type fibrousroots at the nodes
Flower Color whiteinconspicuous