Common Name: dandelion, cat's ear
Species: Hypochoeris radicata L.
Bayer Code: HRYRA

Cat's ear dandelion is a perennial weed that is similar to common dandelion. It has a basal rosette of densely hairy leaves with rounded lobes. This rosette arises from a prominent taproot. If broken, the leaves and flower stalks will emit a milky white sap. Most striking are the bright yellow flowers that are borne on the ends of long stems. Common dandelion plants can be distinguished because young leaves do not have hairs, whereas cat's ear dandelion leaves have dense hairs. In addition, the leaves of common dandelion are more deeply notched than those of cat's ear dandelion. On common dandelion, the leaf notches extend almost to the midrib of each leaf.
cat's ear dandelion
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cat's ear dandelion
cat's ear dandelion rosette
cat's ear dandelion rosette
cat's ear dandelion
Growth Season perennial weed 
Growth Habit rosette 
Leaflet Number one 
Leaf Margin lobed OR serrated/toothedcoarsely toothed; blunt to slightly pointed tips
Leaf Hairs upper/lower surfacedense
Leaf/Leaflet Shape oval/egg-shaped/elliptical 
Leaf Width 1/2 - 1 inch 
Leaf Venation pinnate 
Leaf Arrangement whorled or basal rosette 
Root Type taproot 
Flower Color yellow