Common Name: carpetweed
Species: Mollugo verticillata L.
Bayer Code: MOLVE

Carpetweed is a small weed that can cover large patches of ground in a very small time. This summer annual weed has smooth stems and leaves, and white flowers in the joint between leaf and stem. Carpetweed flowers from July to September.
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carpetweed leaf arrangement
Growth Season summer annual weed 
Growth Habit prostrate, spreadingmat forming, plants root at the nodes, and form round whorls of leaves
Leaflet Number four or more 
Leaf Margin smooth 
Leaf Hairs none 
Leaf/Leaflet Shape oval/egg-shaped/elliptical 
Leaf Width 1/2 - 1 inch 
Leaf Venation pinnate 
Leaf Arrangement whorled or basal rosette 
Root Type fibrous OR taproot 
Flower Color white