Common Name: nimblewill
Species: Muhlenbergia schreberi J. F. Gmel.
Bayer Code: MUHSC

Nimblewill is a dense perennial weed of turfgrass. It is often found at field edges and in forest openings, especially in shaded areas with adequate moisture. Nimblewill grows in a very dense mat, and will root at the nodes. It has very slender, thin leaves, which can be confused with bermudagrass. However, nimblewill has a membranous ligule, which can be distinguished from the hairy ligule of bermudagrass.
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nimblewill rolled vernation, auricles, sheath, collar
nimblewill leaf tip
nimblewill ligule
nimblewill leaf tip
Seedhead / Flower panicleseedhead is a spike-like panicle, each spike contains a single seed with a long awn (bristle)
Vernation Type rolledleaves rolled in the bud
Ligule Type membranousminute, irregular edge, less than 0.02 inches (0.5 mm) long
Growth Season / Life Cycle perennial weed 
Auricle Type absent 
Leaf Blade Tip Shape sharp-pointedflat, 1-2 inches (25 - 50 mm) long, not hairy except for occasional hairs on edges near the base
Leaf Blade Width narrow, less than 0.1 in0.08 - 0.1 inches (2 - 2.5 mm) wide
Stolon Presence presentfine
Rhizome Presence present 
Collar Type continuoushairy on edges
Sheath Margin openusually a few long hairs on upper edges and near throat
Sheath Type flattenedsheath is smooth, shorter than internode