Common Name: paspalum, thin (bull paspalum)
Species: Paspalum setaceum  Michx.
Bayer Code: PASSA

Thin (bull) paspalum is common in sandy soils in disturbed, open areas throughout the Coastal plain region. Dallisgrass, field paspalum, and thin paspalum resemble each other, and thin paspalum is often mistakenly called dallisgrass. Thin paspalum has a glossier, more shiny leaf when young than dallisgrass. Dallisgrass leaf appearance is very similar to crabgrass, which is a dull green appearance.
bull paspalum in turf
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bull paspalum seedhead
bull paspalum ligule
bull paspalum leaves, hair on leaf margin
bull paspalum seedhead
Seedhead / Flower raceme1-6 spikelets per stalk
Vernation Type rolled 
Ligule Type membranoussmall, membranous w/ fringe of hairs on top
Growth Season / Life Cycle perennial weed 
Auricle Type absent 
Leaf Blade Tip Shape sharp-pointedhairy to almost smooth; wavy edges
Leaf Blade Width   
Stolon Presence absent 
Rhizome Presence presentshort
Collar Type continuous 
Sheath Margin openthere is a fringe of hair along the margin of the sheath
Sheath Type flattened