Common Name: knawel
Species: Scleranthus annuus L.
Bayer Code: SCRAN

Knawel is a winter annual which, when it first germinates, may go unnoticed because of its grasslike features. It closely resembles parsley-piert and lawn burrweed. It is a freely branched plant with spreading stems. Leaves, clasping the stem, are opposite, linear, less than 1 mm wide, and sharp-pointed. The very inconspicuous flowers are clustered in the leaf axils. They are small, green, lacking petals, and somewhat spiny to the touch.
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knawel in turf
knawel (L) parsley-piert (R)
Growth Season winter annual weed 
Growth Habit prostrate, spreadingcan form low mats or clumps in established turfgrass
Leaflet Number four or more 
Leaf Margin smooth 
Leaf Hairs none 
Leaf/Leaflet Shape linear/oblong 
Leaf Width <1/2 inch 
Leaf Venation parallel 
Leaf Arrangement opposite 
Root Type fibrous OR taproot 
Flower Color  very inconspicuous green flowers