Common Name: vetch, common
Species: Vicia sativa  L.
Bayer Code: VICSA

Common vetch is a trailing winter annual weed that forms large mats of vegetation. It is common to waste areas and roadsides. The leaves of common vetch are very narrow, alternately arranged and compound. Tendrils form on the ends of the leaves. Long stems arise from fibrous roots, and flowers are purple. Late in the season after the flowers drop, seed pods form.
common vetch
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common vetch
common vetch
common vetch
common vetch
Growth Season winter annual weed 
Growth Habit upright OR vining 
Leaflet Number four or more 
Leaf Margin smooth 
Leaf Hairs  may or may not have leaf hairs
Leaf/Leaflet Shape linear/oblong OR oval/egg-shaped/ellipticaltendrils on ends of older leaves - aid in climbing
Leaf Width 1 - 2 inches 
Leaf Venation pinnate 
Leaf Arrangement alternate 
Root Type fibrous 
Flower Color blue/purple