Common Name: zoysiagrass
Species: Zoysia spp. 
Bayer Code: ZOYJA

Zoysiagrass is a warm-season grass that spreads by rhizomes and stolons to produce a very dense, wear-resistant turf. It is best adapted to the Piedmont and Coastal Plain regions of North Carolina, but some of the more cold tolerant cultivars can be grown in the western part of the state as well. There are three major species of zoysiagrass suitable for turf including Japanese lawngrass (Z. japonica), mascarenegrass (Z. tenuifolia), and manilagrass (Z. matrella). Zoysiagrass can often be confused with bermudagrass. However, zoysiagrass has hairs standing upright on the leaf blade whereas bermudagrass does not. Zoysiagrass is also stiff to the touch and offers more resistance than bermudagrass.
zoysiagrass as turf
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zoysiagrass vernation, auricles and sheath
zoysiagrass vernation, collar
zoysiagrass vernation, collar
Seedhead / Flower spikeseedhead a spikelet, with seeds alternating along head
Vernation Type rolledleaves rolled in the bud
Ligule Type fringe of hairsshort fringe of hairs, 0.008 inches (0.2 mm) long
Growth Season / Life Cycle warm season turf 
Auricle Type absent 
Leaf Blade Tip Shape sharp-pointedhairy above with at least a few long hairs near base, leaf blade stiff
Leaf Blade Width narrow, less than 0.1 in OR medium, 0.1 - 0.2 in0.08 - 0.16 inches (2 - 4 mm) wide
Stolon Presence presentstrong
Rhizome Presence present 
Collar Type continuousedges hairy
Sheath Margin split with overlapping marginssheath may have tuft of hairs at throat
Sheath Type flattened OR roundround to slightly flattened